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    Welcome to go4inkjet
    Print solutions with 4 benefits:
    + fast printing
    + flexible in print resolutions and printing heights
    + saving costs by productivity
    + reliable and to the point!
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    The relevant printing solution of today!
    Coding or marking? Conventional printing solutions replaced by the printsolutions of today. Go4Inkjet! Faster, higher flexibility and
    cost saving printing?

Welcome to Go4inkjet

Go4inkjet offers you digital printing solutions for the wood industry. This is the moment to switch to state of the art printing solutions for palletblocks, repaired pallets and planks. Due to the innovative developments of our digital printing systems we offer great benefits for your needs:

  • high speed printing;
  • easy to intergrate;
  • various kinds of inks;
  • cost savings;
  • Industrial and reliable;

Are you curious how you can replace convential printing methods into cost saving digital printing solutions? Read more, our printing solutions offers great benefits for printing on wood.

Specialized in printing wood

Go4inkjet supplies printing modules based on various kinds of printheads, inks and software solutions. Furthermore we have a flexible designed inksystem for various kinds of inks and applications.

  • Save time and money!

    Ink-jet printing can be directly implemented and provides you great benefits.

  • High resolution printing

    Stable and high quality printing of logo’s and text.

Contact us

If you have questions or you need more information please contact us.

Go4inkjet Tel: +31 6 83 679 698
E-mail: superi@go4inkjet.com
Office hours: 8:00 - 17:00
Chamber of commerce Reg. Nr. : 61784990 Rotterdam
VAT nr. NL001638899B93

Our inks are solvent free and non flammable.